Our Process

Our Process

More Than Cinematographers

At Concept2Cut Productions, we are not just cinematographers and editors. We are visual storytellers with strong writing and editorial capabilities. This is what sets us apart from most production companies. With your valuable input, we work together to take your project from concept to script to a stunning finished video. What’s more, we are happy to work with you to enhance an existing script.

The Shoot

Our production teams are highly skilled in lighting, shooting, audio engineering, interviewing and on-camera coaching. We are dedicated to making you look and sound fantastic. In fact, once you have worked with our crews, you will probably never want to work with anyone else.

Team Players

If you already have a marketing or PR firm, no problem. We are happy to collaborate with them. Many large firms farm their production projects out to us.


The part that we love best is taking your raw footage and turning it into something you never imagined possible. Using editing, talented graphic artists, and decades of visual storytelling experience, we bring your concept to life. We not only offer an endless array of voice-over and on on-camera talent but also provide on-camera coaching for those who prefer to let company spokespeople deliver the message. You may notice in our work samples, we often enjoy letting those closest to the story tell the story.